6th Annual USO of Missouri 5K Cross Country Mud Run

Event Date: 05/31/2014

Our Mud Run is a 5K cross country muddy race, designed to test your endurance! It can be run as an individual or 5-member team. Because of our military origin, teams work as a unit to complete the course. In the spirit of “no man left behind,” the team is only as fast as the final member to cross the finish line! The course is designed to be challenging, messy and loads of fun! Challenges along the way will include mud pits, stream crossings, and muddy crawls.

How should I prepare for race day?

Before race day, try running in mud run conditions. We recommend that you wear old clothes and shoes you can throw away when finished! Bring lots of duct tape, runners tend to lose shoes along the way! Jump into a bog or a lake, then go for a run. You’ll quickly determine which pieces of clothing won’t work. It would be infuriating to discover half way through the mud run on event day that your clothing or shoes are uncomfortable when wet and muddy.

The most important thing to keep in mind, the mud run is supposed to be fun!

Other commonly asked questions:

Will I get wet? Definitely!

Will I get dirty? Guaranteed! The clothes you wear during this event will never come clean.

Will I lose my shoes? Better bring a roll of industrial strength duct tape! You’ll want to tape your shoes to your body. If you don’t, the mud pits will suck them right off your feet!

Can't run.........PLEDGE!!!!

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